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Tao of the Modern Samurai Bundle

Humanity is on the cusp of a new era marked by rapid technological change. Pandora's proverbial box has been opened and inside it lie new and unthinkable risks. Risks the modern day "security" industry and its practitioners are ill-suited to address.

The Tao of the Modern Day Samurai encourages its readers to revisit the past to find their way forward. It shares a timely and cautionary tale about the demise of the legendary Samurai at the dawn of the Industrial Age and unearths lost secrets that can help practitioners find their way forward today.


The Tao Bundle includes:


  • e-book

  • Audio version

  • Interactive AI assistant - use it to interact with the Tao's contents.  A fascinating experience and a window into the future of literature.



About the Author (Paul "IX" Kemppainen):

Paul Kemppainen - who often goes by the military nickname ‘K9’ or 'IX' (based on his last name) - is an outlier in the security space whose breadth and depth of experience are ridiculously unmatched: he was a Naval officer, Secret Service Agent, Staff Officer with the CIA (focused on terrorism), he oversaw security and intelligence for the National Park Service (safeguarding our nation's monuments and icons), and he spent nearly a decade building a security program from scratch for Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX.

These days IX owns a high-end security services firm in Las Vegas, Nevada called SISU Enlightened Protection. He's passionate about the art of protection, the evolving security landscape, and disrupting the traditional security paradigm. His unique journey, stories of adventure, refreshing counter-optic, and cutting-edge thinking are sure to inspire you and your organization.



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We sincerely hope this material awakens you to the concept of Enlightened Protection and introduces you to the transformative world of Protection 2.0.